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Defensible Murder

Six-week-old twins are kidnapped from a church during a Wednesday night service. The parents, not trusting the attitude and advice of the HPD officers, hire Mavis to find their babies.

Despite being told to butt out (as usual) by the police, Mavis and her team immediately begin dissecting the case. Mavis heads into the field, her focus on church members. Her team puts out feelers on social media and at the county courthouse, hoping someone in family or criminal law will know something about the human trafficking scene in Houston.

Just when Mavis has zeroed-in on the child-snatching perpetrator, the police arrest the P.I.'s innocent client, charging him with the suspect's murder. Now, with the twins still missing and possibly victims in a baby-selling ring, a killer on the loose, and the father in jail for murder, Mavis must once again prove to the authorities that she is up to the task.

After her team's inquiries supposedly render a result, Mavis places herself and her young assistant, Candy, in jeopardy as they accompany a stranger into the night to a rural location where the children might be located. Will she find the children and clear her client of murder, or will she and Candy become the next victims?