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Ledbetter Street

Marian Reid was forced by her mother to give up her autistic son, Robert, for adoption. Though she fought in court for him twice in the past, when his current caregiver is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she must fight a third time or risk losing all contact with him. Trouble is, at Marian's high school reunion, she has just reconciled with her soul mate, the father Robert has never known. Further, she must break a promise to her best friend, risking their friendship.


This is about mother's love, but also about the love between Marian, her friends, and neighbors, the quirky people who live on Ledbetter Street:


Eva, who is fighting breast cancer while trying to keep her coffee shop afloat.

Jane, a homeless woman, who is fighting to survive on the mean streets of Galveston.

Chloe, who is enmeshed in a violent relationship and fighting to keep her baby.


Ledbetter Street is a story of the mothers, the children, the friendships, and the personal tragedies of people who have become a family by virtue of their choice of home, their struggles, and the lessons learned.