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Murder and Madness

When P.I. Mavis Davis takes on the grisly ax murder of a cruise ship captain in Galveston, Texas, she wades right into the middle of an open investigation, navigating the island from one end to the other, searching for answers to five-year-old questions. Faced with a terminally ill client, Mavis must find the perpetrator fast or her client will go to her grave heartbroken that her brother's killing remains a mystery.


Immediately upon her arrival, Mavis is curiously befriended by the widow's former neighbor who insinuates herself into the case at every opportunity. Upon interviewing the widow, Mavis learns the decedent wasn't exactly the salt of the earth. Who is the mysterious driver of the yellow BMW who appears to have free access to the widow's current home. The stories of the three surviving adult children make the facts even foggier. And could the captain have been involved in nefarious smuggling activities?