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Suggestion of Death

Someone is murdering dads in the Texas Hill Country, and Jim Dorman wants to find out who before he's the next victim.


Jim Dorman, a laid off investigative reporter in the Texas Hill Country, can't pay his child support. When he appears in court in response to a summons, the first thing the judge does is read a Suggestion of Death into the record for a father who was supposed to appear that day. She tells the next father his children would be better off if he were dead. When Jim steps up for his turn, the judge tells him to get a job or go to jail. At his next court appearance, the judge reads another Suggestion of Death into the record, sparking Jim's curiosity. He begins researching and discovers several men who have been cited for nonsupport have died "accidental" deaths. When an informant winds up murdered and stuffed in a trunk and strange mishaps befall Jim, he figures he'd better find out who's behind the murders before he ends up as the next dead dad.