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The author Susan P. Baker is seated behind a table covered with a tablecloth with a pattern of book spines arranged in rows. Her own books are displayed on top of the tablecloth. Her body is seen from bust up in a gap between the books displayed. She is wearing a black shirt with a tan collared jacket over it and a necklace. On her jacket is a circular brooch. She is smiling and holding a book open against the table with a pen, as if she is going to sign it. Behind her is a tan wall with a wood paneling that rises midway up the wall. Behind her and to her left, in the right side of the picture, a promotional display with the cover of her novel Texas Style Justice is resting on a display easel.



Susan P. Baker, a retired Texas judge, is the award-winning author of eight novels and two nonfiction books, all related to the law. As a judge, she dealt with a wide range of cases from murder to divorce regarding adults and children. Prior thereto, she practiced law for nine years and, while in law school, worked as a probation officer. Her experience in the justice system is apparent in her writings. Currently, she has three novels in progress.


Susan is a member of Texas Authors, Inc., Authors Guild, Sisters in Crime, Writers League of Texas, and Galveston Novel and Short Story Writers.


She has two children, eight grandchildren, and a rescue cat named Tudi. She loves dark chocolate, raspberries, and traveling on every mode of transportation. An Anglophile, she likes to visit cousins in England and Australia. On her bucket list are a trip to New Zealand, a long trip back to Australia, living in England for several months, visiting all the presidential libraries and authors' homes in the U.S., and driving Route 66.

Susan's rescue cat Tudi rests on a small fringed blanket on a brown cloth couch. Tudi is gray all over, shorthair, and she is looking just off to the left of the camera with her paws tucked under her body. Beyond her you can see a patterned throw pillow with rectangular color blocks in red and neutral tans and browns. On the right of the image the wooden floor and the bottom edge of a door are visible. On the floor is a bamboo mat.
Susan's rescue cat, Tudi
The author Susan P. Baker is pictured at a fundraising event in a large ballroom. She is seated close to the middle of the image at the far side of a large round table with a white tablecloth, a tropical centerpiecem and numerous used dishes and glasses. There are 6 other people seated around the table with her, and all are facing the camera and smiling. Ms. Baker herself is wearing a reddish orange top with long patterned sleeves. Beyond the table with Ms. Baker and her companions, there are a large amount of people sitting at other tables or standing and walking throughout the ballroom. At the top of the image is the bottom of a large glass chandelier and it is reflected in the glass windows at the far back of the ballroom.
At an ACCT Fundraiser